Grandmother’s Tales or Little Pearls of Wisdom?

( Saved as a draft since 2014……..was posted on that year 🙂 )

Life turns a full cycle and has the last laugh! Many a times I had dismissed what my grandmother had to say, ” Biji, you are very old fashioned. I belong to the modern age and all these things don’t make sense.” I have even dismissed the little pearls of wisdom my mother tried to give me, assuring her that I was a mature and confident woman, capable of handling all that life threw at me, ” Mom, I know how to make lemonade from the lemons life throws at me. And better still, with added tequila, I can swing past all curve balls. Don’t worry!!” But as life takes a full circle and finds me in my mother’s shoes, realisation is creeping in that what she said then, holds true today too as it did during my grandmother’s time.
Dedicated to mothers and grandmothers everywhere……
And now I see life go a full circle
Parenthood, I always wonder
Days of soaring high and sometimes under
Love, joy and sometimes anxiety
I always wondered why Mom didn’t take things lightly
Dos and donts, can’ts and won’ts
All made me sigh and moan
” u will remember my words one day for sure”,
” when your own kids make u scream and roar ”
Mom I remember these words quite clearly
Little pearls of wisdom that now I wear dearly!!!

Flooding the markets are all these self help books written by experts- doctors, psychologists, celebrities, that make you feel like you do need their help. They sit up on their tall pedestals and impart wisdom. And we like little minions( a species I learnt about,thanks to watching Pixar films with my boys) absorb all that is written and try and model our lives on their lives, take in their values and their perception soon starts looking like our own. God help us!!!! I have spent enough money and wasted enough time on these self help, morale uplifting, positivity enhancing books, to finally come to the conclusion that I should have looked in my own backyard for help and guidance. All the wisdom was mine had I only paid attention and gathered the pearls. Needless to say, we all stumble, learn from our mistakes, have various trials and tests, make errors- some trivial and some so grave that they change the course of our lives and the lives that we touch. But still, learning from the mistakes and trials of our loved ones lessens the burden we carry and sometimes also gives us the solace that only comes from shared experiences.

Time flows like a river never going upstream. I cannot stop it, rewind it or reduce the pace. But here is what I have decided to do- take every little quote, every pearl of wisdom and pen it down. Add to it my experiences and by the end of it, I might just have something priceless to pass on and leave a mark in the lives of my dear ones.


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