Nanak Aaya by Artika Aurora Bakshi

In a world that had lost its spirit;

For beings who had broken their bonds;

Where personal gains meant more than love;

Where might was right and happiness was weighed on the scales of gold;

An age-old message resurfaced,

Awal Allah Noor Upaya, Kudarat Ke Saab Banday,

Ek Noor Se Saab Upja, Kaun Bhalle Kaun Mande…

Hearts opened;

Hands raised in prayer;

As one we rose, holding on to each other;

In gratitude, in empathy and with compassion;

As one we gathered, as one we stood;

Remembering the message of Nanak, the saint of saints;

Kal Taaran Guru Nanak Aaya.

Gurpurab 30/11/2020

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